Striped Mixing Bowl

Housekeeper Crockery

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Our warm, buttery pottery mixing bowls are individually hand spun on a wheel by a single artisan in Wisconsin, thereby making each bowl slightly unique and with its own individual characteristics.  

This medium-sized bowl is thick-sided: made to last for generations.  It is fired with two hand-painted blue stripes and is made using 3.5lbs of Laguna clay.

8.5" diameter
3.75" high

To ensure your bowl retains its proper properties, please follow the care instructions here:

Do not put your pottery pieces in the microwave, as they can be affected by the uneven thermal shock of modern microwaves.

Avoid extreme and / or quick temperature changes.  Do not transfer from a very hot to a very cold environment.

The bowl is dishwasher safe.

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In the 1800s, much of what was found in the kitchens were items that were actually forged, hammered and created in America. It was too expensive to send over to Europe for cookware and kitchen goods, and all of the natural resources and artisans could be found here in the States anyway.

We are a small, two-person husband & wife team, but have been fortunate enough to create a network and community of amazing vendors, artisans, manufacturers and other entrepreneurs.  Between the hard work of everyone involved, Housekeeper Crockery and House Copper can come to your kitchen.

We use local and American artisans, foundries, and fabricators.

We use organic materials and oils.

We spend a ton of time in the metal shop to hand create your pots.

We are dedicated to bringing our food preparation tools home.

{We know shipping is pricey for heavy items - unfortunately we don't make the rules or are able to dictate pricing when it comes to cost of mailing goods out! }

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