Serve Joy Towel

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Serve Joy Towel
This absorbent 100% cotton towel measures approximately 28" x 29" and comes pre-shrunk and pre-washed, ensuring immediate use.  Handmade in the USA.  

Choose from a variety of whimsical or emotional phrases.

To retain the ideal shape and softness of the towel, follow the recommended care instructions here:

•    Launder by hand
•    Line dry
•    Remove creases with a steamy iron

Further care instructions

•    It is possible to wash the towels in the washer, using a cold cycle.  You may dry at regular heat in the dryer.  
•    If you care for the towels this way, expect some very minor shrinking and very slight puckering around the lettering after the first cycle in the washer and dryer.

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In the 1800s, much of what was found in the kitchens were items that were actually forged, hammered and created in America. It was too expensive to send over to Europe for cookware and kitchen goods, and all of the natural resources and artisans could be found here in the States anyway.

We are a small, two-person husband & wife team, but have been fortunate enough to create a network and community of amazing vendors, artisans, manufacturers and other entrepreneurs.  Between the hard work of everyone involved, Housekeeper Crockery and House Copper can come to your kitchen.

We use local and American artisans, foundries, and fabricators.

We use organic materials and oils.

We spend a ton of time in the metal shop to hand create your pots.

We are dedicated to bringing our food preparation tools home.

{We know shipping is pricey for heavy items - unfortunately we don't make the rules or are able to dictate pricing when it comes to cost of mailing goods out! }

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