Copper Cookware

Painstakingly made for the artisan's kitchen, the House Copper copper pots are one-of-a-kind, and incredibly rare. Made in America, to our specs and design, we want to reintroduce copper cookware into every cook's kitchen again with these original, but manageable pieces.  They are perfect for the avid home cook who wants to start delving into copper or the pastry fanatic who knows the science behind why copper cookware is by far the best for baking.

Our handles are reproductions of vintage brass handles, and our bodies are designed to remind one of the copper pots found in the 19th century kitchens.  Hand-crafted and hand-tinned, these copper pots harken back to an age long gone.  

In the 1800s, much of what was found in the kitchens were items that were actually forged, hammered and created in America. It was too expensive to send over to Europe for cookware and kitchen goods, and all of the natural resources and artisans could be found here in the States anyway.

Today, that’s often not the case with kitchenware.

Our pots are made by machine in China.

Our dishtowels are stitched in Taiwan.

Our food is grown in Mexico.


We are a small, two-person husband & wife team, but have been fortunate enough to create a network and community of amazing vendors, artisans, manufacturers and other entrepreneurs.  Between the hard work of everyone involved, Housekeeper Crockery can come to your kitchen.

We use local and American artisans, foundries, and fabricators.

We use organic materials and oils.

Housekeeper Crockery is dedicated to bringing our food preparation tools home.

{We know shipping is pricey for heavy items - unfortunately we don't make the rules or are able to dictate pricing when it comes to cost of mailing goods out! }

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